They are called push notifications for a reason

My birth was timed quite perfectly for me to grow in parallel with the modern technology. The internet was just becoming increasingly common and Nokia grew bigger thanks to their success in the mobile phone market. I got my first mobile phone at the age of 8 to keep in contact with my parents after school. The same year, we got a PlayStation 2 for Christmas. I was 12, when my dad gave his old computer for me to use (for educational purposes, obviously… wink).

And that’s how technology and the internet have been a natural part of my life. They started off as tools, and quite quickly tightened their grasp, as all of a sudden they were expected to be one’s natural extension in order to manage and stay up to date. A lot of time was saved thanks to the practicality of the internet, but ironically, much of the saved time was spent browsing online. Continue reading “They are called push notifications for a reason”

Chapter Six – Distraction: On stress and what I learned

The stress hit me, no matter how prepared I was for it. I may tell myself not to get stressed and that there’s no need for it, but there’s always some tiny hole for it to gush in.

As I mentioned last time, I’ve had a lot to do over the past weeks. Most people have been witnesses to this — how everything seems to accumulate towards the end of a semester. Deadline yesterday, tomorrow and the next week, not to mention preparing for all the upcoming exams. Ahead of the exam period, I made a deliberate decision not to write here during that time, as I wanted to give my complete focus to school work. I also knew that if I did force myself to write, the end result would not be something that I would be comfortable with.

The end of the semester did turn out quite good! I gave it my best shot, but to be honest, there were times when I took time off of studying and enjoyed the awesome start of the summer. Those were times when I could have forced myself to be productive, but instead I felt lazy, and also allowed myself to be lazy. I spent time with friends (I wish I had a bit more time for this) and tried to spend as much time outdoors as possible. However many times the time off was not intentional, as I got lost browsing the internet or procrastinating some other way. It’s amazing how insidiously it always happens!

During these weeks of being stressed I made a discovery. I’ve noticed the phenomenon earlier, but this time, due to my new endeavours, I really felt the effect. I’ve always thought that I’m fairly good at handling stress, and actually I didn’t feel too stressed this time either, but this thing made me realise what really was going on. Continue reading “Chapter Six – Distraction: On stress and what I learned”

Chapter Five – Fight: An update from the road

I am being tested.

Some might get startled hearing that I’m actually glad that my new journey is not like a walk in the park. There’s nothing inherently bad about trials that life puts in your way – the you on the other side of the obstacle will be a triumphant version of the weakling shivering before it. Even the smallest challenge can lead to great growth. We as humans – as products of evolution – tend to shy away from anything that seems even slightly tedious, but in order for you to see your true potential, you must be faced with these tests every once in a while. The capability to push through difficulties is what distinguishes success from the standard.

“If video games have taught me anything, it’s that if you encounter enemies then you’re going the right way.”

– Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G)

Continue reading “Chapter Five – Fight: An update from the road”

Ideologies are fire

You may have noticed that I’ve been talking about certain isms in my first posts, namely veganism and minimalism (Chapter Three – The nudge: On how I became a veganChapter Four – The real: On absence of excess). Depending on your experiences you may feel one way or another about following this type of defined ideologies – life enhancing or detrimental, naturally occurring or forced behaviour. Now I’d like to tell you how I generally feel about them.

In the not-so-distant past we have had some sad instances of new isms rising and gaining large following. There have been wars, blood has been shed, prejudice and polarisation induced. There’s a Finnish proverb: “Fire is a good servant but an awful master”. Isms are like fire – brilliant tools to apply, but also highly potential for tragedies if taken to the extreme or not ‘kept under control’. This applies for all religions, political isms, or for any ideological ism whatsoever. Continue reading “Ideologies are fire”

Chapter Four – The real: On the absence of excess

The feeling when you finish the jar of curry paste you’ve had in your fridge for half a year.

I was an organised child. I kept my room relatively tidy and everything in check, because I wanted to know the exact locations of my toys and other things, instead of the whole room being a dump with closets bulging with in-crammed stuff. My parents of course encouraged me to tidy up after making a mess with my legos.

Becoming a teenager it was time to take it to the next level – I started doing semi-regular checkups to find the things that I wouldn’t use anymore. I packed them nicely in cardboard boxes or plastic bags, and took them to the attic where all my old toys and unused stuff were waiting for…  something. We had the space, so there was no need to get rid of everything.

The motivation for getting rid of unused things was always staying in control of my belongings. The less I had, the easier it was. As a youngster I never thought deeper into why I actually felt better having less stuff around me. Even though one may see my enthusiasm for organising as OCD, I was just enjoying the results. On the other hand I didn’t actually let go of the things – I only hid them. Out of sight, out of mind, you know. Continue reading “Chapter Four – The real: On the absence of excess”