Chapter Eight – Focus

Last summer I finally finished my bachelor’s degree. Since then I’ve had a period of kicking back and relaxing, as well as struggling getting used to the non-school life. Now as the dust has settled with all the moving and stuff, I believe it’s time to finally get serious with what I want to do, since now I finally have a chance. This is the chance that I’ve been waiting for for a long time now.

During the past year I have learned a lot about the world and myself, and my thinking has changed drastically. The exchange period in South Korea, in addition to just general learning have left their marks. A year ago my thoughts were mostly with veganism and minimalism, as I saw them as a part of a solution to a problem I didn’t fully understand. As I’ve been practicing them both, they have become the standard lifestyle, and the only one I can consider following after the things I’ve learned. I’m far from perfect, but the thing with imperfections is that if you acknowledge them, you can work with them. No one will ever reach perfection, but I think it’s still definitely worth striving for.

I’ve done a lot of thinking over the past years, trying to pinpoint the sources of the problems we, the people, are facing right now. No matter how I try to find someone else to blame, it always comes down to us, the people, the victims, the culprits. It’s easy to blame the establishment, the greedy corporations plus some other higher powers for maintaining the status quo of class separation and general dissatisfaction (that seems to thrive no matter how much “better” things get) but we are the root cause for what we have created and for how we maintain it, and thus have the opportunity to decide. Sure, our natural want for comfort and everything nice is being shamelessly taken advantage of by those “higher powers”, but our money is just fuel to the fire that is the corporate greed (note to self: I really seem to like fire analogies). Without our support and money, the big and greedy are nothing, they extinguish. What will remain are people, just like you and me. These people are just doing what is expected of them by the system.

So now I have realised that veganism and minimalism are part of something bigger that I couldn’t fully see back then. They both represent a bigger picture, being responsible and having control of your own life, actions and desires.

A year and a half ago my biggest aspirations were with graphic design and a life as a digital nomad. I wanted freedom, to not be tied down to a location and doing a thing a enjoy for a living. However, in the course of a year my priorities have shifted, as I’ve come to understand the urgency of the situation and seen the indifference in people regarding it. A change is crucial. I still very much want the things I used to, but I can’t help the feeling that I need to take part in making the change, to help people see that the direction humanity is heading right now will take us to the edge of the cliff and unless we act now, everything we have built loses its purpose. The change can only be made with a common effort and I want to try teach people how to feel empowered by this chance to make a difference, even by the simplest changes. The only way to steer off the crash course is together.

There will be a time for living free but this will not be that time for me. Even though graphic design is a great interest of mine, I need to make choices and focus certain things. Obviously, I don’t have time to do everything. I believe writing, alongside with music, could be a potential way of sharing my thoughts in a meaningful manner and influencing people. Furthermore, for the time being I don’t want to be selling anything, and making a living by graphic design would most likely require it. If I was to sell physical products, I would want to be in full control of the production steps, the choices and conditions. For what I’ve come to understand, the major companies often are quite oblivious to the conditions throughout the supply chain, so I could not use their services either. Right now can’t start learning about all of this, as I’ve decided that the my free time will be put to something else – producing potentially influential/ thought provoking content, and educating myself more of the core problem and the underlying reasons how we got here. I’m just starting a new expedition to the underlying laws and rules of nature and society that make us do the things we do (that admittedly, the teenager me couldn’t have cared less about).

PS. This post will also mark the launch of the new Call Me a Dreamer website! I’m very excited to make this a bit more official, and to have a greater control over the site. Dreaming will be more legit from now on!

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts!