Making Christmas

Christmas is a magical time of year for those us who celebrate it, and I feel that there is a special place in heart for us Finns – everyone agrees that Santa comes from Finland, right? *wink* Even the people who don’t celebrate Christmas aren’t safe, as it’s impossible to escape it in most Western societies. Hence, for political correctness, you often hear it referred to as “the Holidays”. Now that we are half-way through our Christmas-cycle, I thought this is the perfect time to discuss it. Continue reading “Making Christmas”

The world is not standing still – neither should I

It is in human nature to stick to the things that are nice and cozy – things that give us a fuzzy feeling and a sense comfort. These things tend to be rather pointless in the grand scheme of things and yet so… nice, which seems to be increasingly important to us. To find an explanation for this behaviour, we don’t have to look further than basic biology. Being conservative literally conserves energy for growth and reproduction, and is very efficient in stable conditions. When things are predictable, you don’t have to worry about what’s to come. Hence, from the evolutionary standpoint this makes all the sense – in fact it is a very common survival strategy elsewhere in nature too, for microbes for instance. It works, it really does, but only if the circumstances don’t change drastically. For a colony of microbes, heavy changes in the surrounding conditions tend to lead to an inevitable death. This is not me suggesting comparing ourselves to bacteria, but for what I’ve noticed, evolution and biology usually work in a very logical and efficient way. There are many lessons to be learned there!  Continue reading “The world is not standing still – neither should I”

An Old Toddler – Some thoughts on South Korea after four months

Semester all done! What an interesting experience studying in South Korea was. Last time I gave some of my first impressions, and now I’ll try to dig a bit deeper. The first impressions were mostly positive, and also held up over the whole time (I really liked the country!), but as the honeymoon passed, further understanding slightly distorted the image. Theres a lot to talk about but I’ll mention the things that are most noteworthy to me. Continue reading “An Old Toddler – Some thoughts on South Korea after four months”

They are called push notifications for a reason

My birth was timed quite perfectly for me to grow in parallel with the modern technology. The internet was just becoming increasingly common and Nokia grew bigger thanks to their success in the mobile phone market. I got my first mobile phone at the age of 8 to keep in contact with my parents after school. The same year, we got a PlayStation 2 for Christmas. I was 12, when my dad gave his old computer for me to use (for educational purposes, obviously… wink).

And that’s how technology and the internet have been a natural part of my life. They started off as tools, and quite quickly tightened their grasp, as all of a sudden they were expected to be one’s natural extension in order to manage and stay up to date. A lot of time was saved thanks to the practicality of the internet, but ironically, much of the saved time was spent browsing online. Continue reading “They are called push notifications for a reason”

Ideologies are fire

You may have noticed that I’ve been talking about certain isms in my first posts, namely veganism and minimalism (Chapter Three – The nudge: On how I became a veganChapter Four – The real: On absence of excess). Depending on your experiences you may feel one way or another about following this type of defined ideologies – life enhancing or detrimental, naturally occurring or forced behaviour. Now I’d like to tell you how I generally feel about them.

In the not-so-distant past we have had some sad instances of new isms rising and gaining large following. There have been wars, blood has been shed, prejudice and polarisation induced. There’s a Finnish proverb: “Fire is a good servant but an awful master”. Isms are like fire – brilliant tools to apply, but also highly potential for tragedies if taken to the extreme or not ‘kept under control’. This applies for all religions, political isms, or for any ideological ism whatsoever. Continue reading “Ideologies are fire”