About This

I am Rasmus, a human being who’s life-journey has taken him to a place where he feels he’s finally found himself – where he has realised what he needs to, and what he wants to do. Still, this is not the destination – just a path that feels right.

I am constantly searching for the laws and rules behind the things I encounter: behind nature, people, life, and simple everyday things. If you just let yourself observe, there’s always something to take in from the things you see and experience. The concept of self-improvement also plays a big role in this – I’m fascinated by the idea that one’s never complete as a person.

The past three years I spent studying biotechnology. The motivation for starting was that it would eventually allow me to casually ‘save the world’ by doing research for the biofuel industry. The media portrayed transportation along with other fossil fuel burning as pretty much the greatest contributors to the climate change, and I was naive enough to actually believe that if we find more of a carbon neutral solution to this, we’ll be just fine. Obviously I did learn a lot about biofuels and their production during those three years, but more importantly learned about the real world.

The past two years have dramatically changed the way I perceive the world. It took a simple realisation to make me adopt a vegan lifestyle in April 2015, but that just triggered a whole chain reaction of other realisations of how this world runs. Since then I’ve learned look more critically at the way we as a species habitate this planet – the way the Earth is abused way beyond the limits of sustainability. For ‘progress’ and pleasure.

This world is not a place where it’s of everyones best interest to drive our society forward, meanwhile allowing everyone equally good lives in peace. This society is not driven by responsibility, integrity and good will, as much as we’d like to think that. There are other forces that have gotten us where we are and made the quick progress possible. However, the foundations of this sky scraping tower are frail and we have gotten comfortable just building higher and higher, thinking one day we’ll reach the sky…

This leads me to what I’m doing. We need more consciousness and critical thinking within our society, as well as a firm connection to the reality. The reality does not have to be grey and depressing, as we have everything that’s needed physically to make this world such a wonderland. We are only lacking the mental and the societal capital. The change can only be made together by a common effort and I want to try teach people how to feel empowered by this chance to make a difference, even by the simplest changes.

This blog started off as a blog about chasing a dream of a life as a digital nomad, and about minimalism and veganism – this was when I saw the trees but not the forest. This is when I’m starting to see the whole picture of the situation we’re in. The sense of urgency keeps getting stronger and I can’t help the feeling that something has to be done.

You can call me a dreamer, but I still believe we can change.

[The 21st of October, 2017]

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts!